Based on the Book Rosie Revere, Engineer

Saturday, October 12
10 - 11:30 a.m.

Join your daughter for an engaging, hands-on Little Makers Design Challenge. Each activity, led by Peck’s expert faculty, is inspired by a popular children’s book and pairs parents with their children in the fun task of imagining, designing, and building a “real-world” solution for a fictional character.

Designed for girls ages 4-6 (and their parent), our Rosie Revere, Engineer challenge, will inspire creativity while proving that there is more than one way to solve a problem – and to have fun doing it, too! After reading Rosie Revere, Engineer, the teachers will discuss the main events of the story and identify a goal. In collaboration with you, your daughter will complete a design challenge that encourages her resourcefulness and creativity, while coming to the realization that great creations require multiple attempts and perseverance.

Ages 4-6

This challenge, led by our Kindergarten faculty and our Technology, Innovation and Design Integrator, will be held in our newly renovated Kindergarten building. The goal is to design and build a chair for a stuffed animal.